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Our Breeder Program

Bold Canine, the leading producer of raw pet food in Canada, is actively recruiting members for our Breeder Program across Canada.

At Bold Canine, we have seen firsthand the positive impact that a raw diet can have on young animals — with our own Shiloh Shepherds. As former breeders, we believe it’s important to set up your puppies or kittens for a lifetime of health.

The growing awareness of the raw diet among pet parents means that many prospective owners are inclined to choose a puppy or kitten who has already been weaned on raw. By joining the Bold Canine Breeder Program, you can lay a foundation for clients who are considering this raw diet option.

Learn more about why you should join our Breeder Program below.

Please note that to join the program you must already be a qualified breeder in Canada.

Join our Breeder Program

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4 Incentives to Join Our Breeder Program

Here are four ways that our Breeder Program can be beneficial to you:

1. Get a Breeder Discount

We understand that raising a full litter of puppies on raw food can be expensive. That’s why we have committed to supporting members of this program with a discount on Bold Raw and Mega Dog Raw products.

To learn more about our breeder discount, fill out your contact information in the form above!

2. Receive a Free ‘Puppy Pack’ or ‘Kitten Pack’

When you join our Breeder Program, your puppy or kitten buyers will receive a free selection of Bold Raw or Mega Dog Raw blends to get them started. You’ll be supplied with:

  • Educational material on how to feed raw.
  • Product literature that can be given to your clients.
  • Details on where to find local retailers.

Hand out these free ‘Puppy Packs’ or ‘Kitten Packs’ to your clients so they can provide their pets with a foundation for lifelong health!

3. Raise Healthier Litters

The best reason to join our Breeder Program — raising a healthier litters of puppies or kittens! Some of the biggest differences that we noticed when we started a raw diet were:

  • Well-formed stools and much less to clean up!
  • Better digestion due to natural probiotics.
  • Cleaner teeth due to smooth texture.
  • Improved quality of coat and fur due to high Omega-3 content.
  • Better appetite from picky eaters.

Who doesn’t want an easier time cleaning up puppy poop?

4. Join Our List of Designated Breeders

After joining our Breeder Program, your name and contact information will be added to our website. If people are looking for puppies or kittens raised on Bold Raw, they will be able to find you easily. We will also refer customers to you if they ask us about breeders who use raw diets in their area.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Bold Raw family!