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If you’re a pet owner thinking about switching your pet to a raw diet, then you probably have some questions.

At Bold Raw, we pride ourselves on being raw pet food experts. To develop our signature Bold Raw blend, we spent years researching raw diets and consulting with professional veterinarians, as well as feeding raw food to our pack of Shiloh Shepherds!

So why you should get your pet started on a natural, raw diet? And how do you make the switch from your old pet food? We’d be happy to explain!

A Natural Diet for Your Pet

Over the past few decades, a growing percentage of cat and dog owners have begun to realize that a raw food diet benefits their pets’ health.

Raw food is designed to model the natural prey diet that cats and dogs would have eaten in the wild. Despite centuries of domestication, our animal companions still retain the same physiological characteristics as their ancestors.

Our pets thrive when their diet includes the same quality and variety of food that they have evolved to eat over millennia: a raw, meat-based diet.

What’s Wrong with Kibble?

Kibble and other “unnatural” foods were not designed to be an appropriate form of nutrition for dogs or cats. The primary aim was to provide convenience and affordability for human caregivers. Fast food also provides convenience, but would you consider it appropriate to eat fast food every day?

Just as humans can get by on fast food, dogs and cats can get by on kibble or other unnatural foods. But will they be healthy doing so? When humans try to get by on fast food, what impact does this type of diet have on their health?

There is a growing trend towards feeding pets a natural, raw diet. Vets are seeing the benefits with their own eyes and beginning to educate themselves on the subject. If your vet does not support raw food, we advise you to find a vet that does. Feel free to email us your location and we can recommend a vet in your area.

Making the Switch to Raw

If you’ve decided to switch to the raw food diet, then you’re probably in one of two situations:

  1. You have a new puppy or kitten, and you want to get them started on raw.
  2. You have an older dog or cat, and you want to transition them from kibble to raw.

If your pet is healthy and has no digestive issues, then you can make an immediate switch. Go directly from a kibble meal to a raw food meal. Then monitor your pet’s weight and digestion to see if changes are necessary. We recommend that you start with Bold Turkey/Mega Turkey as it is low fat and the easiest to digest.

If your pet has digestive issues, we recommend fasting for 24 hours before introducing raw. Once the fasting period is over, you can switch to an entirely raw diet.

If you are new to raw feeding, we recommend feeding the daily recommended amount in smaller meals throughout the day. For the first week, instead of feeding 2 meals a day, we recommended 3-4 small meals.

We always recommend that you start with Bold Turkey/Mega Turkey for the first week. If your pet seems to be enjoying the raw food, then you can go to other proteins. For optimal health, it’s best to rotate your proteins (meats), rather than always feeding them the same thing.

More questions about getting started on raw?

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