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Bold Canine is the leading producer of raw pet food in Canada, offering a variety of options for cats and small dogs through our Bold Raw blend and big dogs through our Mega Dog Raw blend.

At Bold Canine, we are committed to partnering with local retailers across Canada. Our goal is to offer the best supplier service possible. That means fulfilling orders quickly and providing friendly, professional support over phone or email.

Keep reading to learn why a partnership with us may be a good fit for you.

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5 Smart Reasons to Offer Bold Raw & Mega Dog Raw

Here are five smart reasons to offer Bold Canine products in your stores:

1. Our Quality & Variety

The Bold Raw and Mega Dog Raw blends offer high quality raw pet food for both cats and dogs. The signature ingredient in Bold Raw is natural ‘green’ tripe made from Canadian pasture-raised beef that is antibiotic and hormone free. All other meats are sourced from government-inspected facilities that pass safety standards required for human consumption. We choose only high quality ingredients to ensure your pet gets only the best.

Our wide variety of products ensure you have something for everyone. We offer over 15 different blends across the Bold Raw and Mega Dog Raw lines, not including specialty items and treats. Product literature is provided with each item, so you’ll have what you need to answer customer questions.

2. Our Commitment to Retailers

At Bold Canine, our focus is building strong partnerships with local retailers across the country. Unlike other companies, we do not have an online store, we do not allow people to purchase from us at a discount, and we do not offer home deliveries.

Our goal is to send customers to your stores and help you build your business. Our Retailer Locator tool lists all current retailers and allows customers to find the location closest to them. We also hand out a complete list of retailers when we attend events and shows. When you partner with us, we are make a commitment to getting you exposure and referrals.

3. Our Marketing

At Bold Canine, we market all of our products directly to the consumer to create awareness of our brand amongst pet owners across Canada. We also attend major pet shows and events across the country, and sponsor performance teams for added exposure. You can follow us, and our brand ambassadors, on social media for content related to the raw food diet — feel free to share!

Bold Raw

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4. Our Distribution System

Bold Raw has partnered with many local distributors across Canada, including Freedom Pet Supplies in Eastern Canada, Grenier Distribution in Quebec, and Pan Pacific Pet in Western Canada. Our distribution system ensures that you can get our products easily when you need stock, and you can order with low minimums.

5. Our Local, Canadian Focus

We are a local Canadian company, committed to partnering with retailers who share these values. Our 10,000 square foot production facility is based in the town of Erin, Ontario, near the centre of Southern Ontario, and all of our meat and packaging is sourced from other Canadian suppliers.

If you’re a local Canadian retailer, then we’re here to support you!

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