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Before and after images of Billy RooBillie Roo

“The left is what I looked like when I first came into the care of Paws United Dog Rescue after I was picked up off the streets. The right is me now! I have a nice shiny coat and no skin issues thanks to my raw diet! Mum feeds me #megadograw“.

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Before and After images of CharlieCharlie

The difference of 4 months on a good food. A large part of my job is educating people on biologically appropriate foods for their pets. Charlie was rescued back in January. He was being fed Hill’s Science Diet, a low-quality kibble full of grains, fillers, and basically crap. He’s since been on a mix of orijenpetfood from championpetfood and raw from @megadograw. Pictures are worth 1000 words. He’s lean, has great muscle tone, and his coat is so much softer and a richer colour. All his crappy, dry, brittle old coat fell out and made way for silky, fine healthy hair. What a handsome boy. Proof that diet plays a HUGE part in your dogs life ???? Internally and Health-wise, he’s in peak shape!! ????

Fiona is happy with her new Bold Raw DietFiona

“We’ve been using Bold Raw for a few years after a recommendation from a friend. We switched from another raw brand whose formula seemed to change occasionally (which didn’t seem right). We’ve been extremely happy with the quality of Bold Raw products and Fiona loves it – she goes crazy waiting for her raw meals! Portion sizes are perfect and the guidelines on the packaging are very helpful. We recently had one of our fur-friends pass who lived to be 18 years old eating raw the last eight years of his life! We highly recommend Bold Raw to all our friends and they thank us when they switch!”

— Paul M

Fox happy with his new Bold Raw DietFox

“My cat was a rescue and, at one year old, had never had a solid bowel movement. The vets tried him on all sorts of hypoallergenic dry foods and wet foods, but this little guy was getting really sick from malnourishment. Then I found an American vet’s site with a recipe for raw food, and how it could change lives. I called around, found Bold Raw at my local Global pet food store, started him on that, and day two his diarrhea was gone. A bit of a litter-box surprise for him, I think! But thank goodness you’re making raw food available. Thank YOU. Because over time, my little guy is going to get better and better, and I won’t even need the vet except for annual shots! Bold Raw has changed Fox’s life, literally!”

Paris happy with her new Bold Raw DietParis

“I was in contact with you a couple of weeks ago about my dog Paris that had been diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease after an endoscope at my vets office. Since putting her on Bold Raw (started with Bold Turkey, then Bold Chicken, and now Bold Beef), she is a new dog. NO MEDICATION anymore and she is doing awesome. She is back to playing and being her old self. I decided to try all different types of protein to give her a well-rounded diet. I’m so happy I’d put a lawn sign out front. Trying to convince my neighbour for their dog and I also have the support of my vet. Thanks so much for your help with my little girl!”

— Marnie

Libby and Sampson happy with their new Bold Raw DietLibby & Sampson

“I attribute their beautiful coats and white teeth to your Bold Raw product! Plus, I have seen dogs on kibble that go to their bowl and sniff and walk away. Well, our dogs stare at me when it’s time to eat. Sampson follows me around the house because he knows, to the minute, when he gets his next meal.”

— Brenda K


We got Westley in October.   First time we have ever had a dog that wouldn’t eat what was offered.

We tried different foods.  We tried different toppers.  We tried different games.  For 10 months.  Twice a day, it took us on average two hours per feeding to get a small amount of food into him.   We tried hand feeding.  We tried treat balls filled with his kibble.  We tried playing fetch.  We tried using his kibble as rewards for tricks.  We tried hide and seek games.  Even our other two dogs would help by showing interest enough that Westley would eat it in spite.  Lol.  

We finally decided to give raw a try.  I went into the pet store and was recommended Mega Raw Chicken.  We started with the small box since I wasn’t confident in any food anymore.   

In the morning, we proceeded with the usual routine with a slight difference.   As I’m preparing Westleys Mega Raw breakfast … in a bowl no less … he is jumping at my leg with interest in what I’m doing.  Hmmm … this is new.   

I put the bowl on the floor.   

To be honest I was skeptic. Not only was I not expecting him to eat but I also wasn’t expecting him to eat out of the bowl without assistance. To my surprise he dove right in and finish the whole bowl. I’m not going to lie, tears were shed.   For so many years I took my dogs eating for granted.   Faced with this new challenge.  Mega Dog Raw saved us.  Westley has now tried the blend and the beef and I’m still amazed at every meal when he eats it all without any games and with such gusto.  

So, from Westley and family we thank you.   Although it hardly seems enough for what you’ve given us; but thank you so much.

– Christina P