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Dog Training – Top 5 Health Benefits for You and Your Pet

It’s no secret that our dogs are important members of our families. Although they communicate without talking, dogs add a lot to our lives. According to the Humane Society 43% of American homes have at least one dog. Taking care of your pet is essential not only to its life but to yours as well. How we interact with our pets can be a health benefit to everyone.
Dog training is important to dogs of all ages. Puppies really benefit from learning obedience skills. These can help them to behave well with their family members. Dog behavior with other dogs is important too. It doesn’t matter whether you are in your neighborhood or at the park. You want your pet to be able to interact well.
There are trainers in virtually every community that offer these services. Some focus on dog obedience training alone, while others offer trick training services. There are many health benefits for owners and their pets as it relates to training. It’s not simply the activity involved with many training techniques. The relationship building aspect of training is important. Let’s take a look at the Top 5 Health Benefits of Dog Training.
1 – Getting Outdoors
One of the most critical components to dog training is time spent outside. Even if you are paying a trainer for sessions, practicing on your own is helpful. Being outdoors for any period of time can provide health benefits. Your pet needs to run and play and to stay active. Practicing training skills on a trip to the park will promote dog health.
Pets often provide owners with avenues to stay healthy, as well. It doesn’t matter whether you are walking or running with your dog. Extra activity helps you to keep fit. Outdoor activity provides you with fresh air and stress relief. Outings allow your dog to learn how to behave around other pets. Dog behavior is an essential part of training.
2 – Lower Blood Pressure
Your dog will enjoy staying fit when you practice training activities. Practicing sitting, staying and various other obedience skills is important. Over time you will see that training not only benefits your dog. According to Web MD you can lower your blood pressure by simply having a pet. The responsibilities related to this ownership are essential here.
Training is certainly a responsibility in this category. Over 25 years of targeted research has found that your dog’s presence can help your blood pressure. This is simply another benefit that comes from having your four-legged loved one in the house. These benefits relate to every member living with your dog. Children of various ages receive health benefits from having a pet in the household.
3 – Stress Relief
People have far more stress to deal with now than they did decades ago. The high-speed rate of life alone can lead to stress. Job activities and responsibilities also can affect the human body negatively. Finding a positive way to deal with stress is important. Simply practicing training tips with your dog can help you. Throwing a ball, taking a walk or going for a run are activities that reduce stress.
Dogs are affected by stress just like people are. In some cases, the stress that they face originates from us. Dogs that spend a lot of time alone or in challenging locations can exhibit negative behavior. They need a type of stress relief as well. Training activities are good tools for reducing this problem. There are activities that can be performed indoors and outdoors.
4 – Overcome Anxiety
Anxiety is one of the most common mental health issues that millions struggle with. Dogs have been effective instruments when it comes to overcoming anxiety. Training for your pet will teach it the importance of dog behavior. Appropriate rewards work to reinforce training work. As you work with your pet, it is possible to overcome your own anxiety.
There are several existing programs that provide dogs to people suffering from post-traumatic stress and its anxieties. The regularity of having a dog can work to reverse these issues. The relationship building involved with training also offers health benefits to your pet. This enhances the love that you both share for one another.
5 – Heart Attack Recovery
Believe it or not spending time training your dog can help you to recover from heart attack. Studies have shown that this is just another health benefit that dogs bring to us. Patients who have gone through this condition tend to recover faster if they have a pet. Men especially have exhibited lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels in these cases.
There have been studies to show a correlation between health problems and dog ownership. Some say that our pets sense sickness and work to make us feel better. Others relate pet ownership with a will to recover from health problems. Either of these displays the impact that dogs and other pets have on our health.
Obedience training is a tool that is paramount to changing dog behavior. This is essential to dogs that are suffering from emotional issues. Exaggerated barking, biting and aggressiveness are sometimes problems that owners face. Training schools are available to deal with these and other issues related to behavior. Overall, the health of your dog will improve when you invest in training activities. You can teach and practice these techniques to benefit the health of you and your pet.

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