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Looking for a little variety in your dog or cats diet? Why not try our beef formulas?

Beef is an excellent protein option for your dog or cat! The lean beef we use in our formulas helps to create, not only a nutritious meal, but a delicious one as well. In fact, beef is one of the most palatable protein options we offer, nothing beats the taste of beef! When it comes to meat, most animals are raised purely for their muscle tissues, often overlooking the nutrient dense organ meats. However, raw food diets must contain organ meats in order to provide necessary nutrients. While most organs are extremely nutritious, beef organs in particular, pack a punch. Beef liver is rich in folate, vitamin A, B6 and B12. Vitamin B6 and B12 help to reduce homocysteine levels in the blood, preventing cardiovascular related diseases. Most importantly, beef liver is exceptionally high in iron, which helps the body generate energy, increase oxygen circulation and prevent anemia. Beef spleen is high in selenium and zinc, which are crucial for proper hormone function. Spleen is also a great source of Omega 3s, aiding in skin and coat condition, as well as reducing inflammation. Beef heart and lung are also vital ingredients in our blends. These muscular organs offer a lean source of protein while providing nutrients like Coenzyme Q10 and potassium. Beef heart is especially rich in CoQ10 which is needed for the basic functioning of cells and optimizing heart rhythm. Last, but certainly not least, green beef tripe! This key ingredient is a superfood for pets. Along with digestive support via probiotics and enzymes, Omegas and fibre, green beef tripe has a nearly perfect calcium to phosphorus ratio, making it ideal for growing puppies. If you are looking for both a nutritious and tasty meal for your pet, check out or Bold Beef or Mega Beef products.

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