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Green Beef Tripe


Beef Tripe is an amazing source of nutrition for your pet, shown to help with brain function, heart function, skin, and most importantly digestion!

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Our natural ‘Green’ Beef Tripe is hand-trimmed to remove excess fat and sourced from 100% Canadian, pasture-raised cows.


Our natural ‘Green’ Beef Tripe is available in:

  • 1 lb resealable containers
  • 2 lb resealable containers
  • 5 lb vacuum-sealed blocks


Our natural ‘Green’ Beef Tripe has a very strong smell, you may not like the smell but your dog will go crazy for it!

Can be a beneficial supplement if you need to increase the meat content in any diet, want to add probiotics naturally or if you have a pet that will not eat, tripe will often stimulates the appetite.

Just add a spoonful or two and mix it with any meal!

Our meat passes strict safety inspections for human consumption and is only sourced from government-inspected facilities that meet these same safety standards. All of our meats are antibiotic and hormone free and come from local Canadian farms.