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Why do we use kelp in our formulas?

• Kelp is a marine plant that is always submerged in seawater and consequently have a higher trace mineral content than other marine plants.
• Our kelp is organic, produced in the ocean without any added chemicals or artificial preservatives.
• We use finely ground kelp. Since it is a fibrous plant, the finer ground it is the increased bioavailability of nutrients.
• This marine plant can contain more than 60 different vitamins and minerals, and 21 amino acids.
• Kelp contains bacillus lichenformis bacteria, which are capable of releasing enzymes that breakdown plaque, helping with oral health.
• It helps regulate the glandular activity in the adrenal, pituitary, and thyroid glands, leading to better overall health.
• It is well known to be rich in iodine, iron and calcium, which helps with such things as blood circulation, bone strength, and metabolism.
• Iodine is needed by dogs to avoid certain diseases, such as hypothyroidism.
• When the thyroid glands are deficient in iodine it can cause nerve issues and dogs can’t develop properly.
• Including kelp in the diet can reduce itching and inflammation from skin allergies, while also improving skin and coat condition.
• Kelp also contains highly bioavailable protein and amino acids that can help speed up tissue repair.
• The high fibre content may provide anti-inflammatory, anti-tumour and anti-rheumatic benefits.
• Kelp has long been used to balance the diets of humans, agricultural animals, and companion animals, and is included in all of our formulas except the pure duck, pure pork and blend.
Taylor Luther, B.Sc

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